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Wesley Guimarãe Actor Wes Guimarães Actor Andrea Antezana Photographer

Hi there!

I'm Wes. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, with proud Latin American roots and Afro-Brazilian heritage. A global citizen, I'm a multi-ethnic and multidisciplinary artist currently based in Los Angeles (USA).

Oh, and about that last name, I got you: Guimarães = /Gi·mAH·rUH'es/

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About me

I am a geographical chameleon.

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the only child of a single working mother. And I loved that.

At age 16, I moved to Italy to attend the United World College of Adriatic for two years (that scholarship, baby! 🤘🏾). It changed my life. I learned Italian, drank plenty of wine (it was legal there), and repped my people in an international setting. From Northern Italy, I immigrated to the United States to study Theater & Dance at Amherst College. Four years later, all the stars aligned and guided me to San Francisco, where I earned my MFA in Acting at the American Conservatory Theater in 2022.

You know, being a first-generation college student, a first-gen immigrant in the U.S. and an artist, I take none of this journey for granted: I love telling stories that represent it.


My work is to uplift, celebrate and empower minha gente. Where I come from, dreaming is a revolutionary act. I've made it my duty.

​"It is forbidden to walk on the grass. It is not forbidden to fly over the grass."

— Augusto Boal


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Brazilian Representation:
Fabio Rios Art

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